Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is conference going to be held?

The Western Region Youth Fellowship is excited to welcome you to sunny Santa Cruz, CA! Our venue, Redwood Christian Park, is located in the stunning Santa Cruz Mountains. More information about the venue can be found here.

2. What is the age limit for conference?

The conference is open to all members of youth fellowships in the region, hence the age range is 13-35 years old. We understand that is a large range, so we will be grouping attendees by age for discussions and other activities.

3. Where are attendees staying during the conference?

Due to this being an overnight conference, attendees will be staying in cabins located at the venue itself. Attendees will be sharing cabins with 6-7 other attendees from our group.

4. When is the registration deadline?

The regular registration deadline is May 19, 2024 and the late registration deadline is June 2, 2024. However, we encourage everyone to register as early as possible as spots are limited.

5. How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is $210 and covers food and accommodation for one’s time at conference.

6. What time will conference start and end?

Conference check-in will start at 4 PM on July 5, 2024 and conference will conclude at 12 PM (noon) on July 7, 2024 after Holy Qurbana Service. Please work around these times when planning your travel to and from conference. 

7. How do I get to conference?

Attendees can travel to and from conference in any way that they see fit (carpool, flight, etc). Once at conference, attendees are required to stay at the venue until the conclusion of the conference. We highly encourage you to communicate with other youths at your church to make similar travel plans. Rides to and from the airport can and will be arranged. Another form will be sent out to attendees closer to the date to confirm and assist with travel plans.

8. What will we be doing at conference?

Conference will be composed of 4 main components: instruction (from our speakers, achens, and track leaders), worship (led by our amazing cross-church praise and worship team), application (during Q&As and workshops), and fun (through games and social activities intended to connect attendees).

9. Will there be chaperones at conference?

Alongside our achens and speakers, there will be a dedicated team of chaperones composed of senior youths and other adults in the region, including those with medical backgrounds. Each cabin will also have an adult supervising it.

10. How can I contact attendees while at conference?

Although we encourage attendees to disconnect from technology as much as possible during conference, we understand that there might be reasons for them to be contacted during their stay. If attendees do not have network connection at the venue, they will be given access to the venue’s wifi. And as always, the contact information for conveners and chaperones will be shared prior to conference so they can be contacted as well if attendees are unreachable.

11. What are the rules for conference?

A comprehensive list of rules can be found here.

12. What should attendees be packing for conference?

  • Bible
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Clothes for Friday/Saturday (temperatures will range from low 50s to mid 70s)
  • Clothes for Holy Qurbana on Sunday
  • Jacket (optional)
  • Shoes
  • Sandals (for showers)
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Personal medication (if required, we will carry essentials)
  • Sleeping bag or bed linens
  • Pillow
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Chargers for electronic devices
  • Small games or sports equipment for free time (optional)